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Making Dreams A Reality

October 21 & 22, 2017

Alario Center – Segnette Field

Jagwah Records, USA

Making Dreams A Reality

Mission Statement:

To be a “real” independent record label that maintains originality an embraces its own thoughts and talents without compromise. Further proving that Jagwah Records, USA will always “rain” gifted, unique musicians.


Plan and Strategy:

Music requires a sound strategy no matter what genre you’re in. Whether you want to be a classical performer, a jazz musician, a hip-hop artist, country singer or any other type of performer, you must gain an understanding of the skills needed to establish a long-term career on your own terms. I think every person or company out there should have a guiding light, a basic set of principles that outline the integrity of the business, bottom line, take your dreams and empower yourself, step out on faith and be true to yourself.


Today the basic business practice used for more than sixty years still remains. But the society in which it was developed has changed ever so much. There are many more active styles of music and a larger number of directions in which music can grow.


Our artists cover a variety of styles. Some artist have a pop/punk feel or a hip/hop feel or a club feel. To be perfectly honest, our music is designed to make you feel good, reminisce, smile and every now and then raise your awareness to a different social consciousness. Jagwah Records, USA is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of music. By making a music business that works for the musician, we hope to influence a change to better support original music within the industry…. which is always changing.


Owner, R. Rick Jones

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